Date and Time Details: Starts at 4 PM on Friday. Ends at 2 PM on Sunday.

  • Forest Camp Site – $0.00
  • Meadow Camp Site – $0.00

This weekend is offered to you as a gift. At the end of your weekend, you may donate to us if you feel you got value. We'll use that money to fund the construction of more buildings at Acceptance, hire staff, and pay for lawyers, accountants, architects and the like.

Program is fully booked

Free Camping & Fundraising Weekend – 9/1 – 9/3

September 1 - 3, 2017

Program is fully booked

Since we haven’t fully set up Acceptance yet, the MacNeely family (who own the land and is leasing to us) is inviting you to come out for a weekend and see the land, get to know the people behind the project and enjoy a nice weekend of camping.  There is no charge for the registration at this point, but we will be making fund-raising pitches during the weekend – that’s how we can gather the resources to grow!

Note: There is no official programming or child care offered at this stage. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The spirit of this weekend is that of service to the creation of something new for our community.  We will not be conducting therapeutic workshops or sessions at this time – other than the benefits of “being of service” of course!

We’re still VERY early in our development. You’ll be expected to bring your own food and camping supplies, just like most camping trips. Water and sanitary facilities will be provided.

In addition to having plenty of time to talk, walk the land and make friends, we’d deeply appreciate your help cutting trails, building greenhouses, test buildings and the like.  

However, you are also welcome to just relax and enjoy as well.  There are several state and national parks within an easy drive, and there are plenty of open meadows and woods to explore.  At night, we will sit around campfires, sing songs, share stories, and build connection.  Bring binoculars or telescopes if you are interested in astronomy – our meadow makes a perfect star-gazing site on clear nights!

Black-Tailed Deer and other wildlife freely roam the land, and bald eagles are native to the area too.

We are building a community and space for all of our families, and we welcome your time, energy, and commitment in whatever way you can offer it!

If you plan to bring an RV, please email us at after registering so we can make proper arrangements.